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It truly was one of the most insightful weeks of my life and I am very excited and confident for this new facility.

Tyler / USA

Just left Mycelia in Belgium. Highest quality mushroom growing products and education globally. Magda and her son Kasper are excellent hosts, humble experts, and transformative teachers.

Will MacHugh / USA

I am in the process of building a new laboratory and I had a lot of questions. The staff of Mycelia, and especially Kasper, were super helpful in helping me pick the correct hepa filters for my laminar flowhood. Kasper explained to me the importance of getting an even flow through all of the filters. After receiving help and advice from Mycelia I feel a lot more confident in ensuring the cleanliness and efficiency of my future laboratory. Thank you!

James Kingsbury / Italy


You are a mycelium producer, an applied researcher or an occasional mushroom fanatic? Then our school is your habitat. Our highly skilled teachers combined have more than 100 years of experience in the sector.


Come and reap the benefits of a well-balanced combination of theory and practice. We guarantee you enough information and inspiration to keep you going on for years.


Join the mycelium community in a fantastic production setting with a brand new school area and stay in a great value-for-money neighbours’ B&B!


Magda Verfaillie
Director Mycelia

Biologist and mycologist with 40 years of experience in mycelium production.

Kasper Moreaux
Managing director

Geologist, microbiologist, polyglot and lifelong mushroom enthousiast.

Pascale Vergeyle
Production Manager Mycelia

Biochemical engineer with, 25 years of experience in spawn production.

Jürgen Kynast
Director Substratproduktion Kynast- Löcke

Microbiologist with 35 years of experience in substrate and mushroom production.

Hélène Ntimba
Culture collection responsible Mycelia

Jan Van Nuffel
R&D Manager Sac O2 and Mycelia

Jean Meirlaen
Media preparation Mycelia

Mohammad Al Shukor
Responsible of cleanroom production Mycelia

Mihály Vidacs
Research and Development Mycelia and Sac O2

Leon Deverick
Research and development mycelia and sac o2

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