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Having trouble finding reliable information on mycelium production?

At the Mycelia school, you will find the real deal: individual training and consultancy on everything related to mushroom and mycelium production. For a good price, with a solid scientific basis and with more than 40 years of experience.

Your secrets are safe with us. We are always 100% discrete about our clients. We do not share sensitive information.

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We take your job seriously. Your project is unique and so is your training program. It can be problem-solving, efficiency-enhancing or they can be new developments. Do not expect key-to-door solutions, but expect to be assisted all the way leading up to the final result.

Don’t worry, we are flexible. This program is indicative and the list is non-limiting. It is always adapted to your background and wishes.

Duration: 3 days to one week
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish or Dutch


1. Theoretical training on mycelium production

Applied microbiology:
biology of bacteria and fungi: classification, life cycle and enzymatic activity, airborne propagules, presence of micro-organisms in raw materials, fermentation processes

guidelines for substrate hygienisation, heat resistance of microorganisms and their spores, determination of sterilization-procedure, control systems, solid and liquid fermentations and applications.

Air handling for cleanroom:
air quality classes, filter classes, design and construction of filter units, including LAF (Laminar Air Flow), calculation of overpressure system for cleanroom area

GMP- rules for cleanrooms:
transfer of objects and persons from and to cleanroom,  rules of conduct in LAF, air speed and air quality testing, role and use of disinfectants.

2. Standard practical training in mycelium production

Preparation area

    • characteristics of raw materials
    • recipes and preparation of agar media
    • recipes and preparation of grain substrates
    • recipes and preparation of liquid and liquefied media
    • the use of Microsacs (“breathing” bags)
    • automation
    • sterilisation procedures
    • production systems (bulk, individual bags)

Cleanroom area

    • strain maintenance
    • conservation of mother cultures and (mother) spawn
    • cooling-down procedure
    • inoculation techniques
    • automation
    • monitoring of correct and risky behavior
    • controlling procedures
    • dress code
    • cleaning techniques
3. Overview of lay out and organisation of production facility
  • floor plan
  • equipment for preparation of raw materials and bag filling
  • inoculating, bag mixing and sealing devices
  • air handling equipment
4. Additional practical training

If you would like to further improve your skills, you can sign up for a limited number of extra days. Those days are meant to get additional practice with our staff.

This option is only available if you are joining us on our production site in Belgium.



  • The training period must be set at least one month in advance.
  • The above prices are net: board and lodging, insurance and visa costs are at the customers’ charge.
  • Mycelia’s invoice must be settled before the training starts.
  • Participants should preferably have a degree in sciences or at least have prior knowledge of mycelium production.