Mycelium for professionals

How to grow mushrooms outdoors?

Have you ever wanted to grow mushrooms the natural way? Are you sick of spending too much time sterilising sawdust substrate? Don’t want to invest in the materials needed to produce mushrooms from A to Z? Then I’ve got news for you! Starting your outdoor mushroom patch is as simple as taking candy from a […]

Doesn’t it hurt to throw out bad spawn?

Producing top quality mushrooms isn’t an easy task. Although peak performance can be obtained by getting everything right. It comes to no surprise that the whole cycle starts with great spawn. Now, there’s more than one way to acquire happy mycelium but it’s crucial to keep in mind you’re dealing with a living organism. As […]

How sustainable is it to replace polystyrene with this mushroom packaging?

We all read the news some two years back: “Mushroom material are the new polystyrene. A great victory for nature!” Dell and a bit later Ikea jumped on the Ecovative train. But now, in 2019, the dust seems to have settled a bit and it’s time for some perspective. How sustainable is this replacement?  Below […]