Open positions

There are no positions at this moment.

Spontaneous applications

A spontaneous application is of course always possible. In fact, almost half our team have joined us this way.

But you will have to convince us. What is your real added value to Mycelia? There are many people who apply for a job with us, why should we accept you?

Are you convinced that you are worth your weight in gold? Don’t be shy. We are anxious to hear all about it and to read your personal skills passport.

Internship - students only

Every year, we receive many valuable applications for internships. We select only a few candidates each year, of whom we are convinced that their expertise would be of real value to us or would complement our existing curriculum.

Adequate supervision is very important, so we do not take on more than 1 candidate at a time. Therefore, as soon as we announce that there are no more internships available, there is no point in applying for them, to our regret.

If you are interested, please first check whether the period is still available and send a motivated application letter stating your education, internship subject, experience and of course: the reason why you can be of added value.

Good luck with your internship, whether with us or another great company, and with your studies!