Mushroom Business

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We have two freelance journalists in-house: Magda Verfaillie, founder and General Manager of Agro Invest Group and Kasper Moreaux, Managing Director of Mycelia. All contributions to Mushroom Business are the results of travels, conferences and intensive networking worldwide.

Hessische Pilztagen at Pilzgarten in North-Germany

December 2003
Mushroom Business nº2

Spawn production in Iran

May 2004
Mushroom Business nº5

Trouble Shooting in Iraq

October 2004
Mushroom Business nº7

The HLP pays a visit to Spain

May 2005
Muhsroom Business nº11

Mushroom growing in Romania

August 2005
Muhsroom Business nº12

On the Ugandan High Plains

June 2006
Muhsroom Business nº17

Africa, catching up

December 2006
Muhsroom Business nº20

HLP goes Dutch

December 2006
Muhsroom Business nº20

A Closer Look at Iranian spawn laboratories

April 2007
Muhsroom Business nº22

Takeover Euro Shiitake and Mispaj Micelios

June 2007
Muhsroom Business nº23

Shiitake growing in Finland

February 2008
Muhsroom Business nº27

Subterranean Shiitake

April 2008
Muhsroom Business nº28

Mycelia is a feminine word

June 2008
Mushroom Business nº29

Visit to Meadow Mushrooms

December 2008
Mushroom Business nº32

Two substrate producers

August 2010
Mushroom Business nº42

Specialty Tour de France

September 2011
Mushroom Business nº48


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