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The truth about Chaga Mushrooms: do they actually kill their host tree?

Chaga Mushroom prefer Birch tree

Fact or myth? When you search the internet for a conclusive answer to your question whether or not Chaga  Mushrooms (also called “Inonotus obliquus” in Latin) kill their host tree, do you ever find yourself getting lost in the overload of (mis)information? Well, I’m here to help you out. Because a lot of the information about Chaga mushroom […]

How to grow mushrooms outdoors?

Have you ever wanted to grow mushrooms the natural way? Are you sick of spending too much time sterilising sawdust substrate? Don’t want to invest in the materials needed to produce mushrooms from A to Z? Then I’ve got news for you! Starting your outdoor mushroom patch is as simple as taking candy from a […]