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Frequently Asked Questions - About my order


Do you want to buy a product, but you cannot find it in our webshop?

No problem, this is very common.

We can produce products for you which are not in our webshop, but they are usually not our standard products. For sure we have a solution, but exceptions are more expensive.

You will have to contact us and explain what you need. We will see how we can accomodate you.

If you can buy it on our website, we can make it for you. It really is that simple.

Sometimes we have your product in stock, sometimes we don’t. How do you know whether a product type is in stock? You do not. Our stock is not visible on our website.

If we have stock, you can buy even 1 or 2 bags. There is no minimum order because we can make your product simultaneously with other orders.

If we don’t have stock, the minimum quantity is 20 litres. Why? Because we cannot “sacrifice” a mother spawn just to make 1 bag of spawn.

Remember: we are a website for professionals. This means that:

  • Trusted customers get better tariffs than those on our website. Contact us if you have questions on this policy.
  • Small quantities are more expensive than larger quantities
  • We charge an administrative fee of 24,8 EUR (VAT not included) if you order less than 100 EUR worth of products
  • We have a network of resellers for hobby customers. Their prices for small quantities are competitive. Once the product invoice surpasses 100 EUR, it is a good idea to order directly from us.

Yes, you should.

The final yield of a strain decreases with time, this is a universal truth for all mycelium products. We ship our products fresh, but if you store them for months, they are not fresh anymore.

The time you can keep your product depends on the following parameters:

  1. Species. Some species age very quickly, like for example Pleurotus ostreatus. Others age slowly, like Agaricus bisporus.
  2. Storage temperature. This should be between 0-2°C for most species.
  3. The generation of your product.
  • In case of 1st generation mycelium, you can store the products at 2°C – 35,6 °F for at least 6 months before using them – on the condition that you use them for further multiplications.
  • For 2nd or 3rd generation mycelium this storage period at 2°C – 35,6 °F should be no longer than 4 months. A stringent quality control of the subsequent steps is required.
  • For 4th generation spawn, the storage time at 2°C – 35,6 °F should be as short as possible. We always send our products off fresh – if it is in your cooling for another two weeks, there is no problem.

Remember: every day you keep the spawn will decrease the quality of the inoculum. On the other hand, you don’t want to run the risk of having no inoculum for whatever reason (transport issues, strikes, etc). For that reason, a small stock at the grower’s location is often preferred even if this triggers some yield loss.

As a rule of thumb: even if buying fresh mycelium products is expensive, it usually pays off in the end. Do not make any compromises where freshness is concerned, unless there is no other way.

You will receive your spawn order between 1 and 7 weeks after payment, depending on our stock, on the species you need and on the transport.

When can we deliver quickly?

  1. We have a limited (!) stock of at least 90 strains of spawn. In this case, delivery time can be shorter.
  2. Some species grow extremely slow / some transports are complicated. In this case, delivery time can sometimes be longer.


Important notice: we only produce after receiving your payment. Usually, production takes 4-6 weeks and shipping 1-5 days. The sooner you pay, the faster we can dispatch. We only give indications of delivery time, not a guarantee because we have no control over transport companies.

We understand your concern, but Mycelia is not a fastfood restaurant. We cannot ship in 24H, like Amazon. After all, we are dealing with living fungi, who need to be fresh upon arrival.

Often, we still have to grow your order, after you purchased it from us. Thank you for your patience, so that we can grow at a natural speed.

Please check the order confirmation of your product, which you will receive through email.

If you didn’t receive any confirmation, something is indeed wrong. In this case, contact us.

There are two types:

  1. Spawn orders < 20 litres can be a problem if they are not in stock. We do not sacrifice a complete generation 2 inoculum just to produce 2 or 3 bags of generation 4 spawn. The minimum quantity is 20 litres, unless we have other customers ordering the same strain or species. More information, see FAQ above “What is your minimum order quantity for mushroom spawn?”
  2. Medium sized orders that can only be delivered via “Keep Cool Airfreight” we only accept on certain occasions. For example: 35 kg of spawn to equatorial Africa – see FAQ below “What shipping options do you offer? / Which companies do the shipping? / Is it keep cool?”

It is important to make a distinction between generations 1, 2 and 3 on the one hand, and generation 4 on the other hand.

We have been shipping cultures and mother spawn (generations 1, 2 and 3) to almost every country in the world since 1980. However, your own country may impose import restrictions for mycelium. Good examples are New-Zealand, Australia and many island states.

4th generation spawn is usually produced and sold locally. We frequently get requests for intercontinental spawn shipments, but we do not encourage this.

The costs and the shipping risks are too high – we have experienced many problems with delay and overheating in the past that were beyond our control, but for which we had to pay the bill. If you are willing to take the responsibility and the organisation of the expensive transport beyond the Belgian airport yourself, and if shipment occurs with a direct flight from Belgium, you can also order 4th generation of spawn via airfreight and we will be happy to serve you.

Otherwise, we would strongly recommend you to produce or buy your spawn locally. Want more information? See this FAQ.

No, it is not possible to return a delivery. Our products are living organisms, not a pair of shoes. They would not survive an extra journey. If you wish to refuse a delivery because of damage, follow the protocol described in this FAQ.

Yes. You cannot make an order without a personal account.

Creating a personal account is easy, fast and has the following advantages: from now on you have an overview of all orders made through the webshop, you don’t have to repeat all the information every time, you can keep your personal information up to date and you can communicate about an order in your account. And don’t worry, we won’t share your personal information with anyone, ever.

Our website only accepts passwords that are at least 12 characters long and contain at least 1 capital letter and one “special” character or number. Our website will also only allow 1 account per email address.

Perhaps you already exist in our system. In that case, reset your password. Follow the instructions in this FAQ.

Your login is always your email address. Your password is chosen by you personally.

The system only accepts passwords that are at least 12 characters long and contain at least 1 capital letter and one “special” character or number.

If you do not remember your password: no problem. Follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Lost your Password?”
  2. Enter your email address and click “RESET PASSWORD”.
  3. You will now receive an email with a reset link. Click on this link.
  4. Choose a new password, login and you’re back on track!


Note: If you try to reset your password, but the system says Invalid username or email, your email is not known = you have never had an account on this email address with us before. You are free to create a brand new account with this email address. But before you do so, check the following common mistakes:

  • You misspelled your email address
  • You have an account on another email address

We are sorry for the inconvenience! If you have not received an order confirmation email, it is probably due to one of the following:

  1. The email address in your personal account contains a spelling error
  2. The confirmation email may be hiding in your junk/spam folder if our “” domain is not on your safe sender list. If you know how to do this, add us as a “safe sender” as soon as you find your email
  3. Your order was not actually placed or processed due to a connection problem. Check the “My Orders” section of your customer account to make sure your order has been placed. If not: submit your order again. Don’t worry, we won’t send you the double amount of products
  4. You can also search for “Mycelia” or the name of the product(s) you ordered in your email folders to find all related emails


Still cannot find your mail or cannot order? Ok, this is weird. Please contact us.

No need to worry! Just reply to the confirmation email you received from us and tell us us what you would like to change. The sooner you contact us, the better. We only produce after receiving your payment. Make sure your order is correct! Once in production, changes of strain and product or adjustments to the quantity are not possible anymore.

No. You can only order from the webshop.

No. You can only order from the webshop.

Are you a new customer?

Then it is simple: do not pay. We only produce after receiving your payment.

Once an order is paid and the products have been made, we are unable to change or cancel itBetween your payment and the production, there is a delay of 0 – 4 working days.

Exception: If your order is a popular strain which we can sell to a third party without delay, you can still change or cancel. We can never guarantee this, but we will always look for the best possible solution for both parties.

Are you an existing customer?

You may not be required to pay in advance. In this case, we count on you to warn us as soon as possible if there are changes. The sooner we know this, the easier it is to change or cancel an order.

If you didn’t receive an answer within 3 working days, something went wrong. We receive many orders daily and go through them carefully. Therefore, it may take 1 to 3 working days before you receive an answer from us with a corresponding price proposal. No e-mails are written over the weekend or during bank holidays, because we like to give our staff a break.

Did you check this:

  1. Maybe our reply ended up in your junk/spam-box? In that case, please add our e-mail address to your safe senders list.
  2. To find all related emails in your email folders you can also search for “Mycelia” or the name of the products you ordered.
  3. Did you receive a confirmation e-mail after you ordered? If not, check this FAQ.

If you still cannot find our reply, something has gone wrong or our reply seems to be unusually delayed. We are sorry for the inconvenience! Please contact us and include the order number in the subject of the email. We will be at your service as soon as possible.

Transport & Delivery time

If your order is sent by road, sea or air transport, you will receive an email from us, confirming your shipping date.

If your shipment leaves with DHL or another courier, you will receive a track & trace code from them in your mailbox.

Sure you can.

If you wish for the shipment to arrive at a specific moment, mention this in the text box “order notes” during checkout in the webshop. Of course, if the delivery time of a product is 4 weeks, you cannot request delivery before that time.

If you do not specify a delivery date to us, we will ship as soon as the products are ready. We will confirm the shipping date to you before sending your order. Keep a lookout for our confirmation email.

In your personal “Account dashboard” of the website (click on your name – top right corner of the page), you can change your account information, your delivery address, or add an additional delivery addresses. During checkout, you can also change the delivery address.

If you forgot your login or password, check this FAQ.

This is our recommendation:

  • Open the boxes and take out the bags.
  • Place them on wire shelves in a clean fridge, not mixed with anything else.
  • Set the temperature to 1 – 2 °C (33,8 – 35,6 °F).
  • Take out only what you need just before using it.

First of all, you should always inspect your goods on arrival!

Is the damage the fault of Mycelia? Then contact us.

Is the damage the fault of the transport company? Okay, this is a tough one.

In the event that there is an problem with the shipping company, it’s important to carefully follow the instructions below to ensure that your shipping claim can be resolved.

In order to take your claim into consideration, the courier needs the following information:

– Shipment number

– Copy of the purchasing invoice of the missing/damaged goods

– Weight of the missing/damaged goods

– Photos of the damaged goods/packaging

– In case your parcel was left out in the hot sun willingly, photos of the parcel(s) as you found them

All freight companies are required to allow you up to 15-30 minutes to inspect your delivery for damage or missing parts. This means that you should make a complete inspection of your shipment to check for overheated spawn, dented boxes, broken pallets, etc. We highly recommend opening at least 1 box regardless of how it looks to inspect for damage that may not be obvious.

  • In the event that your order is damaged (minor or major), it should be noted by writing the word “DAMAGED” on both the driver copy and your copy of the delivery note, along with a description of the damage.
  • Items missing from your order need to written down as “ORDER INCOMPLETE“.

In case of mycelium shipments, there is always a chance of overheating, which is known as CONCEALED DAMAGE. This is the correct term for damage that is not immediately evident. If you wish to claim concealed damage, you must:

  • document the damage with a readout of the temperature logger,
  • with photographs,
  • and descriptions,
  • and send to the shipper immediately within 24 hours.

Shipping companies are usually not liable for any shipments that were accepted without a notation of damage on the shipping receipt. Our advice is to write down “UNABLE TO INSPECT CONCEALED DAMAGE UPON ARRIVAL” on the delivery note. Never accept the shipments without any notice.

It is critical that the driver also sign and initial both copies of the delivery note if any damage is present. By noting damage on the driver’s copy, this ensures that there is written proof that damage was noted at the time of delivery. By having the driver sign your copy, this ensures that you have proof that the driver signed in your presence.

Do not refuse delivery of a damaged shipment. If you do, the refusal will invalidate any damage claims and will only create return shipping and storage fees. If you do this, then the driver will take the shipment back to the shipping hub and there will not be a damage report. This will simply cause any damage claim to be invalidated and in worst case, it may even also incur storage fees and return shipping fees that will be billed back to you.

Be sure to keep a copy of the receipt, as this will be vital in processing a shipping claim. Also send a copy of your claim to us, together with the readout of your temperature graph.Hold on to your damaged shipment and store in a fridge. Do not dispose of the shipment as evidence of damage is important. The freight company may require an inspection of damages as well.

Did the driver just drop off the shipment without notification and the shipment is damaged? In this case, take pictures and file a damage claim without delay.

We cannot ship every product to every place in the world all year round. We do our best to create the best conditions with the most favourable temperature for your transport. We must, if the case arises, postpone your transport if the ambient temperature could endanger your products.

Warning: Mycelium is extremely sensitive to its biggest enemy during transportation: temperature.

When mycelium is transported in warm conditions (> 5°C – 41°F), it will start to grow. As a result, it will self-heat. The larger the volume, the worse this effect. This causes 2 main problems:

  1. Ageing of the mycelium. The mycelium gets old quickly and this reduces the quality
  2. A bag of spawn for example can overheat to the point of death in less than 24 hours. Therefore, we will add a temperature logger and/or a gelpack to your “Regular courier” (shipments below 150 liters) if needed. When it is too hot (> 20°C – 68°F), we cannot ship and your shipment will be postponed.


We organise “keep cool road transport” all year round for quantities over 150 liters of spawn. We add a temperature logger upon request.

We cannot ship every product to every place in the world, all year round. When making plans, it is therefore advisable to check whether your transport is taking place during a warm season or through / to a warm region.

After making your order, you will receive your personal transport offer through email. Be sure to check and double check the temperature conditions of your environment and the weak points in the cold chain (e.g. prolonged waiting time in warm temperatures before goods transfer), so that you can avoid catastrophes.

We are convinced that our prices are market based.

Spawn is a living product and must be transported in the best possible way. We only work with transport companies we trust, and we organise your transport as a service, not to make a profit. It is certainly also allowed to organise pickup yourself if that suits you better.

We will propose the best transport option for you. We cannot ship every product to every place in the world all year round, due to temperature conditions.

You will receive your personal transport offer through email, not automated in this website. These are our options:

  1. “Keep cool courier”. We do not offer this service. Very expensive, no guaranteed cold chain.
  2. “Regular courier”. Our favorite shipping option for small shipments < 150 liters. We will add a temperature logger and/or a gelpack to your shipment if needed. When it is too hot (> 20°C), we cannot ship and your shipment will be postponed. Our shipper is usually DHL, they will send you a Track & Trace code to you in an email.
  3. “Keep cool road transport”. Our favorite shipping option for quantities > 150 liters of spawn. We organise these transports for you all year round as a free service. We add a temperature logger upon request.
  4. “Keep cool airfreight”. Only if there is really no other alternative. Good to know:
    • It is very expensive, typically the cost of transport is 3-5 times higher than the cost of the goods.
    • We do not organise this transport for you beyond the Belgian airport.
    • We do not take responsability beyond the Belgian airport. We advise you to get a good insurance.
    • It’s your responsibility to inspect if the shipment has any damage. There is a strict protocol how to do this. Read our FAQ’s for the correct protocol.
    • We only accept shipments if there is a direct flight from Belgium.
    • We remain responsible for the quality of the goods as they leave Mycelia. Our traceability system will prove the freshness of the mycelium at departure, and the temperature logger will register the temperature during the entire journey.
    • We cannot assist with claims regarding overheated or otherwise damaged mycelium
    • We deliver the correct documents with our goods. We cannot be held responsible for shipments being delayed because of additional customs’ requirements

You will receive your personal transport price through email.

No, we do not offer this service. On one hand it is very expensive, on the other hand we cannot guarantee a cold chain.

Yes. All our courier shipments are Express deliveries.

Below your selected product, under the tab “Documents, VAT and Transport” you will find all the relevant information about shipments. We will always propose the best transport option for you.Most small shipments are sent with the courier service DHL, they will send you a Track & Trace code in an email.

Yes, on the following conditions:

  1. If you have made your payment arrangements in advance with us.
  2. Make an appointment through email or telephone.
  3. You are welcome between 8:30 and 16:00.

Upon arrival, go to the reception and they will help you out.

Note: we do not have a physical shop. If you pay cash, make sure the amount is correct.

All our products are packed in breathing packaging from Sac O2.

They are safe from contamination during transport as long as they are kept dry. Depending on your product and order size, we have different packaging solutions. Usually, we pack our products in boxes with holes. This improves the air circulation in the cooling room / in the truck.

payment and documents

We accept bank transfer or credit card payments. The accepted credit cards are VISA, Mastercard and Carte Bleue. The transfer data can be found in the mail with the payment link that you receive from us.

The payment link only works for holders of VISA, Mastercard and Carte Bleue. If you are not a holder of one of hese cards, you’ll have to make a bank transfer.

Please contact us and explain the problem. Add your order number to your message so we can identify you.

We will send you the payment information in a new email.

We are sorry, but bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard and Carte Bleue are our only options.

If you did not pay the full amount, we will not produce or ship your order. We produce only after receiving your payment, unless agreed otherwise.

If we do not receive payment after sending our offer, we will not start the production of your ordered goods. Know that our offer has a validity period of 3 months.

Our prices are in our webshop. Just select your product and indicate the quantity: the unit price appears (and gets less expensive the more you order of the same product). Additional costs such as transport or the cost of certain documents are not automatically included. We will add these costs manually and email you back.

Due to risk of overheating, mycelium cannot be safely shipped to anywhere in the world all year round. Therefore, we have to double check each order manually. As a result, the transport cost is added manually, in our back office. For this reason, this website does not automatically offer you an offer with transport cost included.

Mycelium cultures, spawn and other mycelium products are living organisms. They will be treated similarly to “plant seeds” by your customs officials. They cannot be shipped without the proper documents. Getting these documents will require an effort on both your and our side, and it will add to the cost of your invoice.

Which document requirements should you expect? The majority of countries require the following:

  1. Standard export documents (packing list + invoices). We provide these documents for you.
  2. For most countries, you will need to apply for an import permit. You need to send us a copy of this document.
  3. After we have received a scan of your import permit, we can apply for a phytosanitary certificate from our government. We will attach it to your delivery and this adds 78 EUR to your invoice.


  • If you are from an EU country (including Switzerland), there is free trade of fungi. Exceptions to this exception are territories such as the Azores, the Canary Islands, Réunion, etc.
  • On rare occasions, countries also require extra documents such as a certificate of origin, that you must request from your authority (Maghreb, Middle-East, etc) or other documents. In some cases, a EUR.1 document can be a solution – see below
  • If there are trade agreements between your country and the EU, we can upon your request add a EUR.1 document to your export documents at a cost of 40 € per shipment. This is a good idea, because it reduces the import duties you will need to pay and it may reduce the paperwork in general
  • Some species of fungi are considered a pest or a contaminant. In this case, an import permit is not sufficient, you will also need to convince your state administration that the import is justified. If the strain description in our catalogue contains this phrase: “Possibly considered a pest or contaminant by your administration”, you may expect extra paperwork. See FAQ below “How do I import a known pest or contaminant into my country?
  • Some countries have specific restrictions on importing mycelium products, such as New Zealand and Australia. The lists of these countries limit even more than usual the possibilities of importing fungal species.

If you have specific questions about restrictions or extra documents, you will need to ask your own government officials. We do not know every possible restriction worldwide.

For most countries outside of the EU, you need an import permit (syn. import licence) for mycelium from Belgium. Through the import permit, your government approves the import of our goods into your country. Unfortunately, there is no ready-to-use list of who does or does not need an import licence for which organism. You will have to check with the customs or with your Ministry whether it is necessary or not.

What is the competent authority in your country? That depends. In most countries, it is the National Ministry of Agriculture (and fisheries). But in the US for example, the competent authority is the State Department of Agriculture.

We cannot apply for your import permit. You have to do this yourself. You will need to apply for the licence from your relevant official office (usually the Ministry of Agriculture or equivalent). Your import permit must state EXACTLY what you intend to import.

You need to send us a copy of this import permit. As soon as we have your permit, we can apply for your phytosanitary certificate (more information see FAQ below).

Getting an import permit is sometimes a slow process. This may cause a significant delay to your mycelium shipment.

This document is usually valid for a certain period of time, regardless of the amount of shipments, or the amount of imported goods.

You need a phytosanitary certificate if you export our goods beyond the EU (exceptions: UK, CH).

You cannot buy a phytosanitary certificate yourself; we – the exporters – have to get it for you. We will apply for it once you have sent us a copy of your import permit. This phytosanitary certificate costs 78 EUR.

A phytosanitary certificate is an official document required by your country customs when shipping restricted articles such as plants, plant products or other regulated articles, and therefore also for all the mycelium products you buy in our webshop. This document is the proof that your products are indeed the species we claim them to be. It is an official certificate generated by the exporting country, in our case Belgium. In some countries (e.g US), such a certificate can be issued by the company itself, but not in Belgium.

Exception: shipments to overseas EU territories such as the Azores, the Canary Islands and Réunion require a phytosanitary certificate.

This document is valid for 1 shipment only, regardless of the quantity shipped, the product(s) or the species. 

On rare occasions, countries require additional documents such as a Certificate of Origin (Maghreb, Middle East, etc.).

A Certificate of Origin is a document that states the origin of the goods you have ordered, the description of the products, and the name and address of the seller and buyer.

If your country asks for a certificate, let us know and we will apply for it from our government. The cost of this document is 30 EUR.

Note: If there are trade agreements between your country and the EU, we can add a EUR.1 document to your export documents upon your request at a cost of 40 EUR per shipment. This reduces the import duties you will need to pay and may reduce the paperwork in general. For example: if you have a EUR.1 document, your officials will probably not request for a Certificate of Origin.

That depends. The rules on VAT differ whether you are a customer from Belgium, from Europe or outside Europe:

  • Customers in Belgium: you are charged 6% VAT on mycelium products and 21% VAT on other products (including transport and document costs). No exceptions.
  • Customers inside the EU: you are charged 6% VAT on mycelium products and 21% on other products (including transport and document costs) unless if you can provide us a valid European VAT-number. Fill out this number in your personal account on this website. If you have a valid EU VAT-number, you will not pay VAT on your invoice. Not sure if you number is valid? Check the VIES website.
  • Customers outside of the EU: you do not pay VAT to us, as long as we have export documents. If we have to ship your goods to a location in the EU (including Belgium), we do not have such documents. In that case, you will need to pay VAT: 6% on mycelium products, 21% on other products (including transport and document costs).

Yes, you will.

Consult your local customs officials to receive more information. Every country has different import fees for mycelium from the EU.

Our UK customers do not have to pay an import fee (but other costs apply – see this FAQ.

There are quite a few changes indeed. Since the Brexit, shipments between the EU and the UK (except Northern Ireland) have become export shipments. Since we have exported for more than 45 years, this is not problematic from our end. For our British customers however, there are a few important changes. But no worries: since the 1st of January 2021 we have assisted our UK customers just like before. Since the Brexit, the following has changed:

1) Trade between the EU and the UK is indeed more complicated. For the time being, there is no import tax on our products from the UK government. On the other hand, there is a “duty + administration cost” to be paid. This cost basically covers the workings of the customs services and of the shipping company. This cost is charged to you by the shipping company.

If you are a regular professional company using pallet freight, this is done by an importer where you can open an account.

If it is a courier service such as DHL, we have an official distributor for spawn in the UK: Urban Farm-it. We are not distributing small shipments to the UK ourselves anymore. Check the Urban Farm-it (UFI) website for more information.

2) The transport price has been impacted due to formality issues at customs.

3) Customs clearance is required on both sides of the Channel. This should not cause any problems. We provide ALL the necessary paperwork, without charging any additional cost. Note: there are no foreseeable restrictions on the trade of “spawn” as such, or on any mushroom product for that matter.

  1. Shipments within the European Union (including Northern Ireland): Free trade zone, only delivery note required.
  2. Shipments to Switzerland (CH) and the United Kingdom (UK): only the standard export documents are required: packing list + invoices. All these standard documents are provided by us at no extra cost. Phytosanitary certificates are not required. NOTE: Soon, a phytosanitary certificate will be compulsory for all mycelium shipments to the UK. This will increase the spawn costs considerably. Due to politics, the deadline keeps shifting. We will update this FAQ when we have more news.
  3. Shipments to Norway (N): the situation changed in March 2021. Standard export documents are required: packing list + invoices. All these standard documents are provided by us as a free service. Since March 2021, a phytosanitary certificate is also required – this adds an extra document cost of 78 EUR to each shipment. Import permit is not required.

Since the 1st of October 2021, we have a local distributor in the UK, Urban Farm-It (UFI) from which you will be able to buy guaranteed fresh products from us.

Most of the species we have in our catalogue are not considered pests or contaminants. But there are some that are, or can be. These species can appear on a quarantine list, which is maintained by your administration. Every country has a different quarantine list, we do not have a copy of this list for your country.

If the species you wish to buy is on your national quarantine list, it is more complicated to get an import permit. You will need to communicate with your competent administration in order to get an exception and a permit to import.Once you have this exception, you can apply for an import permit.

EXAMPLE from the US. How do you import a ‘pest fungus’ into the US? The quarantine list is a federal matter, governed by the Code of Federal Regulations 7 CFR 330. If you wish to obtain an exception to the quarantine, you need to apply for a PPQ Form 526 Permit. Once you have this, you can apply for an import permit from the State Department of Agriculture.

NOTE: Even if you have this authorization to import the pest, you still need an import permit.
Why? The imported material may still be inspected. Customs officers need to verify that the product is free from
contaminants such as insects, weed seeds and/or soil. That is why we still need to add a phytosanitary certificate.