Mycelium for professionals

M0000 No inoculum & Morel boosters

sterile product
R&D purposes
only additional costs apply

All prices on this website are EX WORKS = VAT and transport cost are not included. More information see below.

Sterilized spawn substrate that has not been inoculated.

The item on the picture is sterilized rye. We are not limited to this recipe. Morel boosters are often much more complex for example. And they do not always require a filter. Spawn on the other hand does.

This product is only available for R&D purposes, with one exception: we produce sterile, so-called “boosters” for Morel production. The minimum quantity is 1 mix = 500 kgs. If you are interested to buy this product, fill out a contact form. Only for professionals!


We do not like shipping non-inoculated products. It is technically complicated to ship them, due to the infection risk. All goods are wrapped in an extra protective sterile bag. We cannot be held responsible for infections in this product, as we do not have control over the manipulations. If you do not agree to this term, we do not provide this service.


Stage 1 mother culture

– tube
– petri dish
– cryovial

– Use this product to produce your STAGE 2

Stage 2 mother spawn

– liquid (650 ml)
– bag (1000 ml)

– Use this product to produce your STAGE 3

Stage 3 Inoculum

– bag (5000 ml on grains)

– Use this product to produce your STAGE 4

Stage 4 spawn

– 50GR, 1L, 5L and 10L bag
– wood dowels 50, 500 and 1000 pcs
– syringes

– Use this product to produce your STAGE 5
– Final product: biocontrol / biostimulants / Cordyceps substrate

Stage 5 substrate /Mycomaterials

We do not sell substrate or mycomaterials.

Stage 6 mushrooms

We do not sell mushrooms.