Mycelium for professionals

M7243 Agaricus bisporus, var. hortensis

commercialisation in open or closed form
resistant to mushroom diseases
excellent taste, beautiful color
very good storage

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Very versatile strain, equivalent to some of the currently most popular Brown Button Mushroom strains worldwide. This Agaricus bisporus, var. hortensis strain has the ability to produce both high-density medium and larger sized fruitbodies and maintains high yields in both cases, even though picking is easier when the fruitbodies are grown to medium size. The caps are smooth and round.

EN: Brown Button Mushroom I FR: Champignon de Paris I DE: Zuchtchampignon I NL: Bruine Champignon I ES: Champiñón Portobello I PT: Cogumelo de Paris I HU: Barna csiperke

Stage 1 mother culture

– tube
– petri dish
– cryovial

– Use this product to produce your STAGE 2

Stage 2 mother spawn

– liquid (650 ml)
– bag (1000 ml)

– Use this product to produce your STAGE 3

Stage 3 Inoculum

– bag (5000 ml on grains)

– Use this product to produce your STAGE 4

Stage 4 spawn

– 50GR, 1L, 5L and 10L bag
– wood dowels 50, 500 and 1000 pcs
– syringes

– Use this product to produce your STAGE 5
– Final product: biocontrol / biostimulants / Cordyceps substrate

Stage 5 substrate /Mycomaterials

We do not sell substrate or mycomaterials.

Stage 6 mushrooms

We do not sell mushrooms.