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Phytosanitary certificate

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A phytosanitary cerficate is a document which proves a number of things:

  1. the identity of the species shipped
  2. the shipped living product is axenic = free from contaminations

This is a very important document for every customs. There is no country in the world where we can ship mycelium without a phytosanitary certificate, with the exception of the other EU memberstates + a selected number of trusted trade partners such as the UK and CH. A mycelium shipment without a correct phytosanitary certificate will be destroyed by the customs.

In some countries (e.g. the US), such a certificate can be issued by the companies themselves, but in Belgium and in most countries, this document is issued by the government.

Important to know about these certificates:

  • We can only obtain a phytosanitary certificate if we get an import permit, specifying the species, the importer and the company from which it is imported. An import permit is often valid for a longer period, for example 1 year.
  • A phytosanitary certificate, once issued, is only valid for a VERY limited amount of time
  • Each shipment requires a new phytosanitary certificate, regardless of the shipped quantity

Stage 1 mother culture

– tube
– petri dish
– cryovial

– Use this product to produce your STAGE 2

Stage 2 mother spawn

– liquid (650 ml)
– bag (1000 ml)

– Use this product to produce your STAGE 3

Stage 3 Inoculum

– bag (5000 ml on grains)

– Use this product to produce your STAGE 4

Stage 4 spawn

– 50GR, 1L, 5L and 10L bag
– wood dowels 50, 500 and 1000 pcs
– syringes

– Use this product to produce your STAGE 5
– Final product: biocontrol / biostimulants / Cordyceps substrate

Stage 5 substrate /Mycomaterials

We do not sell substrate or mycomaterials.

Stage 6 mushrooms

We do not sell mushrooms.