Mycelium for professionals

Courier transport TNT

All prices on this website are EX WORKS = VAT and transport cost are not included. More information see below.

This is our proposed shipping option if the volumes are not large enough to justify palletised shipment.

TNT also takes care of all documents in a professional and reliable manner. However, the following must be taken into account:

  • They do not offer a “keep cool” service. This poses problems during the summer months and as a result, we often do not ship during these months. It also depends on the destination and on the shipped goods.
  • We strongly advise you to take an insurance on your goods and transport if the value of the shipment and the risk of the transport justify it. We can offer to arrange this insurance for you, but we cannot be held responsible for the loss of your shipment unless the fault is clearly ours. In this case, we also advise to ship a temperature logger with your package.
  • Important delays in the importing country often cause the goods to be delayed before customs. When this happens in a hot country, goods are often left outside and overheat. We cannot be held responsible for shipments being delayed because of external regulations by customs service.

When is a shipment large enough for palletised shipment? There is no exact cut-off point. But usually, a pallet becomes interesting when the shipment is larger than one layer of boxes on a pallet = 6 boxes of spawn.

Stage 1 mother culture

– tube
– petri dish
– cryovial

– Use this product to produce your STAGE 2

Stage 2 mother spawn

– liquid (650 ml)
– bag (1000 ml)

– Use this product to produce your STAGE 3

Stage 3 Inoculum

– bag (5000 ml on grains)

– Use this product to produce your STAGE 4

Stage 4 spawn

– 50GR, 1L, 5L and 10L bag
– wood dowels 50, 500 and 1000 pcs
– syringes

– Use this product to produce your STAGE 5
– Final product: biocontrol / biostimulants / Cordyceps substrate

Stage 5 substrate /Mycomaterials

We do not sell substrate or mycomaterials.

Stage 6 mushrooms

We do not sell mushrooms.