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M3782 Lentinula edodes

excellent all year round strain
very fast incubation
quality fruit bodies
very tolerant in humid conditions
suited for pasteurized as well as sterilized substrate

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This Shiitake is very versatile. When grown at temperatures below 18°C, it produces beautiful fruit bodies of the donko-type: dark-brown, nicely scaled, heavy and slender-stemmed, mushrooms have a good shelf life. In warmer growing circumstances the flesh becomes thinner and the colour lighter. Mushrooms also appear between flushes. With cultivation on sterilized substrate blocks, a ripening phase of 4-5 months needs to be taken into account. This Lentinula edodes strain is very popular in Europe.

EN: Shiitake I FR: Shiitaké I DE: Shiitake I NL: Shiitake I ES: Shiitake I PT: Shiitake I HU: Illatos fagomba

Stage 1 mother culture

– tube
– petri dish
– cryovial

– Use this product to produce your STAGE 2

Stage 2 mother spawn

– liquid (650 ml)
– bag (1000 ml)

– Use this product to produce your STAGE 3

Stage 3 Inoculum

– bag (5000 ml on grains)

– Use this product to produce your STAGE 4

Stage 4 spawn

– 50GR, 1L, 5L and 10L bag
– wood dowels 50, 500 and 1000 pcs
– syringes

– Use this product to produce your STAGE 5
– Final product: biocontrol / biostimulants / Cordyceps substrate

Stage 5 substrate /Mycomaterials

We do not sell substrate or mycomaterials.

Stage 6 mushrooms

We do not sell mushrooms.